Following the recent announcement of rules, we are pleased to announce fans will be allowed back to Norman Archer Memorial Ground.

Clifton All White’s are pleased to announce that a limited number of spectators will be allowed into the Norman Archer Memorial during the Covid-19 restrictions.
Following FA guidelines:

    1. All ticket MUST be purchased on-line so we can register and keep track of who visits our ground, we will collect your name, address, and contact number Click here
    2. Anybody that turns up at the ground will be refused entry or asked to purchase the ticket online.

We recommend you check our Twitter feed @cliftonfc1963 for updates on availability before travelling to the ground. Please respect the situation as we are in unprecedented times.

  1. No money will be taken for tickets, they will have to be purchased online, you will also need a Paypal account to make payment.
  2. Spectators are always to observe social distancing rules keeping 1 meter apart. Entry to the ground is via the turnstile only.
  3. Your temperature will be taken before you go pitchside if you have a temperature you will be asked to leave the ground.
  4. Anyone found to be breaking these rules will be asked to leave the ground immediately.
  5. Seating will be spaced so please observe our markings, if standing please respect the distance between you and others.
  6. Toilets will be open and operate on a one in / one out system.
  7. There will be refreshments available inside the ground, please respect the distance of others around you.
  8. Hand sanitiser will be available in the clubhouse and at the turn style, please use them to help keep everyone safe.

Please be respectful of our staff as they are all volunteers working to the FA /Covid guidelines and regulations in order to keep us all safe –  if you do see problems please report them to a member of our staff