3. CAWFC Images & Photograph Policy

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Use Of Images Of Children/Young People Under The Age Of 18.

  • All children must be appropriately dressed.
  • Photography or recording should focus on the activity not on a particular child/young person.
  • Images should focus on small groups rather individuals.
  • Images of a child/young person who is under court order should never be used.
  • If a Child/young person who is named avoid using there photograph.
  • If a photograph is used avoid naming the person or use their first name only, personal details should never be revealed.
  • Make sure parents/carers/young person have signed and returned the parent/carer and young person permission form.
  • Use photographs that represent the broad range of youngsters participating in football.
  • All people taking photographs or recording footage at a football event should register with the event organiser.
  • All concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography should be reported to the appropriate organisation
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