Club Structure Announcement


To our players, parents, coaches, volunteers, spectators and the entire Clifton community,

I write to propose some changes to the structure of Clifton All Whites Football Club

The club is growing, we are now operating over 25 teams from under 7 to the senior section, with girls, boys, men’s and ladies teams providing football opportunities for all of our community.

We have over the years improved our home ground, The Norman Archer Memorial ground and secured a second base for training and matches only a few hundred yards away too bringing our club and community together in the heart of Clifton.

As a committee, we strive to keep growing and improving our club for the community, and during our regular meetings we have discussed in detail our structure and constitution, which can be found on our website;

Whilst the ethos of this constitution is synonymous with our core values we believe it has aged and not moved in line with modern life or the current and future needs of our club. In addition our previous affiliated partner, the NABGC has changed over the years too, and they also feel that we should move in a different direction.

Our proposal is simple;

Our club is one, however, we have two very different factions, we believe these are our senior and junior sections.

Historically there have been concerns that juniors cover senior costs, and we know other clubs do function this way, this is not how we want to operate.

We propose our junior section, soccer school to under 16’s operates as-is, a charity, not for profit, the income derived from kids subs is spent on providing football for these kids only, and that any surplus monies are reinvested into improving our facilities, any shortfalls are covered via sponsors and fundraising events, this club managed and operated by volunteers only.

We propose our senior section separates itself from the charity and is self-funded as a limited company by guarantee delivering all requirements set out by the FA. This section pays a fair rent to the charity for using its facilities around the juniors, delivered via a lease at market value.
The seniors will have to generate their own income via commercial activities. We believe for our seniors to be competitive and progress up the National pyramid it needs to operate effectively as a business with the option to pay its staff out of its own funds.

This separates the two sections clearly, with our charity gaining from the commercial
Arm with a solid rent. It would become clear no monies from the charity are used to pay for our seniors.

We wanted to share our vision with our community before actioning, and invite questions and comments through the following channel please:


We welcome feedback and will listen to our community, as a committee we only want was is best for our great community club, and have proposed this change to help us improve.

Please note the clubs AGM is on Sept 11th, at 6:30pm at the ground.

Yours in sport

Richard Hipkiss
Clifton All Whites Football Club