Nottingham Tier 3


On the 26th October it was announced that parts of the Nottinghamshire region will enter the highest coronavirus alert level – Tier 3 from 00:01 Thursday 29th October. This will not only impact on the four specific named areas but also on clubs in the remaining areas of Nottinghamshire and those who play over our borders in neighbouring County FA’s. The four areas moving into Tier 3 are Nottingham City, Rushcliffe, Broxtowe and Gedling, however, we are mindful that updated guidance will also need to inform clubs based outside of these in areas currently not in Tier 3, but who may have fixtures scheduled in Tier 3 areas.

We know the additional restrictions listed below will cause further disruption to individuals in clubs and leagues. However, we are reliant upon all of our football community complying fully with these and all other current restrictions. We cannot stress enough the critical importance of all involved in the game doing their level best to ensure compliance and we thank you in advance for adhering to the guidance.

Broxtowe, Gedling, Nottingham City and Rushcliffe.

Adult Football – Travel & Spectators. (National League System – Step 7 or below)

From Thursday, based on the guidance currently provided, adult clubs and individual players cannot move in or out of the ‘Very High’ Tier 3 region to participate in football activity. For absolute clarity the above means that travel is NOT permitted from the Tier 3 Nottinghamshire areas to any other area (For example Broxtowe to Mansfield or vice versa, or Rushcliffe to Erewash or vice versa)

Adult clubs must also minimise the number of people in attendance or travelling to matches or training sessions. Numbers must be restricted to players and essential coaching or support roles. Spectators should be discouraged from attending adult games.

Youth & Disability Football – Travel

With regards to youth football (Under 18’s) and disability football, the updated FA guidance of 23rd September with its strict conditions remains in place. At this present time, there are no new restrictions on the movement of youth teams and players irrespective of which Tier you are in. Youth and disability football participants can travel across tiers.

Again – we cannot stress enough the critical importance of all involved in the game doing their level best to allow the grassroots game to continue. The key guidance remains as follows:

  • Social distancing wherever possible for players, and always in the case of spectators, use both touchlines where possible
  • Robust hygiene standards as per risk assessments but including the wearing of masks in toilet blocks etc. and when in close proximity to others
  • Effective registering of attendees primarily via the NHS Test and Trace QR code system
  • Strongly recommend minimising spectators at youth games to one adult per child wherever possible

National League System (Steps 3-6) & Women’s Football Pyramid (Tiers 3-6)

The FA gained clarity from the UK Government on travel into or out of areas with ‘very high’ Tier 3 local COVID alert levels by players in Steps 3-6 of the National League System and Tiers 3-6 of the Women’s Football Pyramid and DCMS have confirmed, in collaboration with the FA, that player travel for these fixtures is within the guidelines.

However, we ask that spectators follow the Government guidance and do not travel into or out of ‘Very High’ Tier 3 areas.